Building a sustainable climate future

Our Direct Air Capture systems pull CO2 permanently out of the atmosphere, improving the climate for generations to come.

Our Vision

280 Earth is scaling carbon removal technology to meet the climate crisis head on.

Incubated at Google X, The Moonshot Factory (Alphabet’s innovation hub), 280 Earth develops and grows technology to mitigate—and reverse—climate change. Our Direct Air Capture (DAC) system pulls CO2 permanently out of ambient air.

Since humanity industrialized, we’ve put more CO2 into the atmosphere than nature can remove, going from 280 parts per million (ppm) to 425 ppm and rising. 280 Earth is building solutions that remove excess CO2, produce fresh water, and run on waste heat.

Our mission is to develop scalable solutions to the global CO2 imbalance, improving the climate for generations to come.


The Dalles

280 Earth’s first DAC facility is located in The Dalles, Oregon. The first phase of development, built to capture 500 tons/year of CO2, started operations in May 2024. Our site in The Dalles is sized to capture >20,000 tons/year at full buildout, and we’re also actively planning other DAC facilities throughout the United States.

Our Partners